Book Review: The Vertical Self

The Vertical Self
By Mark Sayers

My newest book from Thomas Nelson is The Vertical Self by Mark Sayers. I thought this book was a very challenging book and took longer for me to get through than most. Not because it was bored or I didn’t like it but because I wanted to make sure I heard everything he had to say. He goes through talking about the difference between a vertical self and a horizontal self. That when we look at our world to find out who we are we keep changing to keep up with friends, family, work or fads. That the only way to truly know who we are is to find our identity in the one who made us. I loved hearing about how even as Christians who have a personal relationship with Him we still have a hard time finding our identity in God or having a vertical self. It was very eye opening and has made me really think a lot about how I see myself and why I decide to do certain things.

The only thing I found a little hard while reading the book was how often the words "vertical self" and "horizontal self" were used. At one point my mind was having a bit of a tongue twister going on fumbling over the words. But it was simple enough to get over it and truly enjoy the book! Well done Mark for giving us a wonderful challange!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. marcia
    May 07, 2010 @ 14:00:26

    Sounds good…..I’ll have to borrow it sometime!!


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