Book Review: Living Life in the Zone


Book Review
Living Life in the Zone
A 40 day spiritual game plan for men
Kyle Rote Jr.
Dr. Joe Pettigrew

This is basically a 40 day devotional for men. It is themed in a very clever sports way that would seem to be a great attraction for men. Most men seem to be drawn to anything that has to do with sports, and this is sure to get their attention. Each day is started out with a “Thought of the day” which basically sums up the daily devotional. Then you have the “Coach’s Corner” where you go more into detail about the thought of the day. The comes the “Game Plan” which give you Bible verses to back up the whole thought. The “Playmakers” section gives you real life examples of how the thought helped others. Then it’s time for you to have a “Time Out” which is your time to spend talking with God. Now you have your “Assignment” were you can put into action what you have learned.

Really I think this book might easily be adapted to women if you changed a few was of wording things in the book. I honestly don’t know why I got this book to review since I am not a man, but I do have a husband, so I do have some insight. I honestly think that each day may be a little long. I think it might have been better if it was shorter and not so much reading. I think most men don’t have much time for drawn out devotionals. I think it would have been best to shorten the devotional and had more of a “Time Out” section. I did think that the content was great and that its a great book for men. I would maybe suggest it for a mens group at church.


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