Book Review: The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas
Story Retold by Gwen Ellis

This is probably my favorite book that I have reviewed so far from  Thomas Nelson. This is a great story book for kids to share with them the wonderful and true meaning of Christmas. The book goes through every part of the story from the Angel visiting Mary to tell her the news, to the wise men making their trip to see Jesus. My four girls loved this book and wanted me to read it to them over and over again. Now that Christmas is over they still want me to read it to them.

I loved that it came with a DVD, but the girls still loved the book more! My favorite thing about this book is that at the end it had pictures from each scene for your child to look at and then retell the story in their own way. It was so wonderful to sit and listen to how my girls heard or saw what was going on. Its a wonderful way to teach them a love for Bible stories and to love to retell these stories in their own words.

I would for sure recommend this book to anyone who had children. Even if you don’t have small children you will still love this book! You will find a good time to use it!


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